The Ad’s up method makes the best human and technological resources.

The people at the heart of collaboration
This is by joining your market knowledge and expertise that we are able to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. We need to understand how you work, your competitive advantages, your weaknesses if you and key people in the company to interact with the right decision and define the best strategy SEA. Nobody is better placed than you to know your customers.

Structure your account, segment your campaigns and optimize Quality Score (QS)
Each product category is subject to specific campaigns to display relevant ads to users and to optimize its Quality Score (QS). Indeed, too often overlooked or considered inevitable, the QS is one of the main criteria on which an advertiser has to work on AdWords.

Avoid generic terms, analyzing the search terms & develop long tail
Whenever possible, we avoid buying too generic terms. They are generally used at the beginning of the procurement process of the user and cause few sales. Therefore, even if these words generate a lot of traffic, they are generally unskilled in ROI logic.

Analyze and measure the performance
Indispensable to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns, Ad’s up with you teams determine the key performance indicators to follow. These indicators vary depending on your goals, ranging from direct profitability (ROI, ROAS, CPA or CPL) cost per click or per view.

Manage real-time bidding (Bid Bidding Management & High Frequency)
Ad’s up incorporates several solutions for Bid Management. They determine accurately and in real time for each keyword the highest bid to maximize the ROI of your AdWords campaigns following objectives: target CPAs, CA, margin or cost / CA.

Develop account
the Display Network, remarketing (Display, Dynamic, List for Search & Similar Ads Users), the PLA campaigns (Product Listing Ads) & DSA (Dynamic Search Ads), extensions, etc. are all levers to integrate to optimize ROI.

Innovate and always have an edge over competitors
Google is constantly innovating and always offers new solutions to its advertisers: new formats, new opportunities for targeting, new media, etc. A watch and a daily training of our teams is essential to stay ahead of its competitors and enjoy the novelty effect during launches.