Tips for a Successful Landing Page

Tips for a Successful Landing Page

The landing page has a special importance in a digital marketing campaign: the landing page to which your prospect after clicking on your ad Adwords or Facebook for example. It must therefore be developed with great care so that it can fulfill its sole function: to convert the customer prospect. Our Google Adwords specialists give you some tips:

Formulate a Strong coherent and catchy Headline

A landing page is primarily need a strong headline, which is consistent and catchy enough. Make it descriptive enough, in addition to containing your main keyword chosen when your Google Adwords campaign . The title of your landing page should capture the attention of your visitors and encourage them to explore the rest of the page content.

Take Care of the Content!

A successful landing page also has a vendor content. In addition to playing a role in the SEO of your website , it must provide targeted responses to queries of your prospects. Feel free to use quantitative data to support your arguments and still retain most of the attention of your readers.

Find a Good Eye

Provide a visual simple and clean lines for your landing page. Simple content is insufficient to encourage your prospects to take the next step. Complete with a photo of your products, a graph showing the performance of your services or just a smiling face.

Eliminate Trailing Links

Always keep in mind the purpose of your landing page, one to drive your visitors to a commitment. therefore eliminate anything that may interfere with this process, as outgoing links or navigation menus that will divert them from that goal.

Choosing the Right Form

A successful landing page provides a clear and concise form, the prospect will fill with ease. Provide a short model that allows the reader to focus on the conversion process, and you will at the same time collect the essential information you really need.

Implement an effective call-to-action button

Finally a landing page contains a button “call-to-action” effective. This is the key element that will allow the user to move from being mere prospect than full-fledged customer. This button should be clearly visible and stand out from the rest of the page. Select compelling phrases like “Order” or “Submit”.

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